ENYO Grappling | Interview Joanne Wellstead |

Q: Please introduce Yourself 

A: Joanne wellstead /33 Years
Brazilian Jiujitsu coach /gym owner/ one of owners of Enyo

Q:Tell us about your journey in martial arts

A:I’ve always done martial arts and tried different ones growing up. In my early 20’s I was focused on Muay Thai. When I met my husband, he persuaded me to try Brazilian Jiujitsu and I never looked back. I’ve now been training and competing for over 8 years

Q:Rell me about ENYO Grappling and why you build it.

A:Enyo is a submission only grappling show created to show case the best of women’s grappling. The drive of us doing this it to support the growth of women’s Bjj, to give them a larger platform to compete on and to be able to compete against the best women out there. We want to make women’s Bjj so visible it can’t be ignored.

Q: How can Women became a Part of the Show?

A:So we take on women blue belt and above. You can reach out to us via instagram or email ( enyograppling@gmail.com )
We need basic details

Gi or nogi

If you have fight footage as well you can send or tag us in that’s great.

Q:When is your next Event and how can we watch it ? 

A:Our next event is August 12th tickets are available and it can also be viewed via PPV a link will be released closer to the event date. Keep an eye on our social media for the announcement

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